Time of the Wolf


In Europe, this film has became one of the highest-grossed Drama movies. Michael Haneke has his own style, which he remains faithful for his whole career. If an movie can manipulate me to stay in front of my eyes, it is very impressive. The music is very good too. This movie has destroyed my brain and nothing will do it in future as Time of the Wolf did. I'm not true fan of Romance, but I enjoyed it as I was!. I choosed to upload this wonderful film.

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In an undefined time, the environment has been totally destroyed and now the water is contaminated and the animals have been burned. Georges Laurent travels with her wife Anne Laurent, their teenage daughter Eva and their son Ben from the city to their cabin in the countryside. On the arrival, they find that intruders have broken in the house, and one stranger kills George. Anne, Eva and Ben wander through the village asking for shelter and supplies for their acquaintances, but they refuse to help them. They reach an abandoned barn and spend the night inside. On the next morning, they meet a teenage boy and they walk together to a train station, where they find other survivors. Together, they wait for the train expecting to go to a better place in the middle of the chaos.... Show more

Directors: Michael Haneke
Release: 2003-10-08
Duration: 114 min
IMDb Rating: 6.6
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