Bunnyman: Grindhouse Edition


Anyone interested in movies probably heard about this movie. A performance that has no weak spots. The new cinematography style invented by Carl Lindbergh is exactly what it is supposed to be - a new path that can be followed by the creators of original entertainment films. There are some stages in this movie that I will remember until death. I never expected anything from this movie before I watched it online and guess what?... It blowed up my mind. I'm not true fan of Horror, but I enjoyed it as I was!. You can download or watch movie in HD for free here.... Show more

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Bunnyman : Grindhouse Edition is a re-release of the original Bunnyman film. Originally released in 2011, ANOC productions re-released the ultimate version of the film on April 19th 2019. ...

Directors: Carl Lindbergh
Countries: United States
Release: 2019
Duration: 89 min
IMDb Rating: 4
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