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Trust me, what the director showed in The Simpsons - Season 1 has exceeded my expectations. In the world of cinematography, some great tv series have been recorded, but The Simpsons - Season 1 deserves special attention. I sat for a long time after I ended watching The Simpsons - Season 1, reflecting on my life. The real power of this production is an acting game that is amazing. Actors gave great performance also the story is cool. The first time I remember this tv show, the end was a big surprise for me. You can watch this tv series here on this website in full HD.... Show more

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The Simpsons is the ultimate (if very unorthodox) nuclear family. Homer, the lovable dufus father, stumbles apathetically through his family life and work at the local nuclear power plant. Marge, the overbearing, but responsible mother, Bart, the fourth grade underachiever and nemesis to Springfield elementary's principal, Lisa, the brainy and responsible eight-year-old, and Maggie, the oft-forgotten baby, round out the family. Based on a series of small cartoon sketches from The Tracy Ullman Show (1987), the Simpsons enjoy many wacky exploits in their hometown and beyond. Other characters include an incompetent lawyer, the tyrranical nuclear power plant owner, the too-perfect neighbors (the Flanders) of the Simpsons, and the less than perfect "Klown", Krusty. Colorful characters and situations abound.... Show more

Countries: United States
Release: 1989-12-17
IMDb Rating: 8.7
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