The First 48 - Season 6


Trust me, what the director showed in The First 48 - Season 6 has exceeded my expectations. The term 'Best' is as you know a relative term. What you or I consider as the best may not even be in someone else's list. So the general rule is to proclaim the one which majority of the folks like as the best. Nevertheless, according to me the following can be regarded as some of the finest tv show ever made. I sat for a long time after I ended watching The First 48 - Season 6, reflecting on my life. The First 48 - Season 6 - and you know, you won't waste time even watching it n-th time. The storyline is really good, the pacing is great, and the actors gave great performances. I can't say that I'm a big fan of Crime, but I liked it!. Althought The First 48 - Season 6 is very underrated tv show.... Show more

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The series follows detectives during the hours immediately following a homicide.

Actors: Dion Graham
Countries: United States
Release: 2007-06-21
Duration: 60 min
IMDb Rating: 8.2
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