The Art of Self-Defense


In my opinion The Art of Self-Defense is one of the most interesting films. No better movie has ever been made in Action genre... and now The Art of Self-Defense is available to watch online for free. The Art of Self-Defense is a long movie, with the space and leisure to expand and explore its themes. The Art of Self-Defense filled me with hard to explain energy, made me so embedded in it. I never expected anything from this movie before I watched it online and guess what?... It blowed up my mind. Once again, the creator proved that his production can focus the attention of the audience on the audience and keep on creating tension. I choosed to upload this wonderful film.... Show more

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After he's attacked on the street at night by a roving motorcycle gang, timid bookkeeper Casey (Jesse Eisenberg) joins a neighborhood karate studio to learn how to protect himself. Under the watchful eye of a charismatic instructor, Sensei (Alessandro Nivola), and hardcore brown belt Anna (Imogen Poots), Casey gains a newfound sense of confidence for the first time in his life. But when he attends Sensei's mysterious night classes, he discovers a sinister world of fraternity, brutality and hyper-masculinity, presenting a journey that places him squarely in the sights of his enigmatic new mentor.... Show more

Directors: Riley Stearns
Release: 2019-07-19
Duration: 104 min
IMDb Rating: 6.7
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