Weediquette - Season 1


Definitely tv show from my personal top 10 of best tv series ever. Weediquette - Season 1 is by far the best online tv show production, I've ever seen online. I sat for a long time after I ended watching Weediquette - Season 1, reflecting on my life. Weediquette - Season 1 - and you know, you won't waste time even watching it n-th time. I'm not a true fan of Documentary, but I'm like that too!. Again the director proved, this time in the tv show Weediquette - Season 1], that he can keep the viewers in suspense all the time. I know I will return to this tv show in the future countless times.... Show more

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This documentary series airing on Viceland is about the science, culture and economics of the legalization of cannabis. Also documents how medical marijuana has been a helpful and effective treatment for people, that struggle with severe illnesses, such as cancer, etc.

Countries: United States
Release: 2016-02-29
IMDb Rating: 8.1
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